Top Adult Hookup Sites That Actually Work

Once upon a time, hookup culture was a dirty phrase.

But nowadays, with so many dating sites and apps catering to people looking for casual sex, hookup culture is very much in the mainstream. Millions of men and women the world over are just looking for some one night stand fun, and that’s absolutely fine.

Best Sex Hookup Sites For Free Adult Fun

  1. Adult Friend Finder
  3. Out personals (Gay Dating)
  4. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  5. Passion
  6. No String Attached
  7. Adult Sex Finder
  8. Get it On
  9. Cams (Adult Chatting Online)
  10. Horny Dating
  11. Swap Finder
  12. E Z Dating

We’re not going to lie. There are a lot of adult dating sites and apps out there which promise easy sex, and not all of them are telling the truth. Some are scammy, some are designed to sell you products, and some are completely dead.

So, which hookup sites and apps actually work? Which ones will help you connect with like-minded people, and which ones will help you get laid?

We’ve put together all of the info you could ever need. This article is a big one, so grab a coffee and settle in. Here’s our guide to the best hookup sites you’ll find anywhere online.


We’ll get the big ones out of the way first, and there’s nowhere bigger than Tinder.

Tinder revolutionzed the online dating scene when it first launched in 2012. The swipe matching system which it coined changed the dating game forever, and eight years later, thousands of other dating sites and apps have copied the system for themselves.

With 50 million users prowling Tinder on a nightly basis, the site certainly has no shortage of footfall. Men and women the world over use Tinder to find everything from one night stands and long term love, making it perhaps the most versatile dating app on the market.

This might be a problem for some users, since although Tinder was originally designed as a hookup site, it’s actually become much more inclusive of people searching for a long term relationship. However, such intentions are usually made clear in people’s profiles, so these people are easily weeded out.

Finding a hookup on Tinder is like shooting fish in a barrell. You might miss once or twice, but once you’ve perfected your aim you’re golden. It’s the most popular adult dating site for good reason, so if it’s a hookup partner you want, a hookup partner you shall find.

Adult Friend Finder

The oldest dating site in existence, Adult Friend Finder is still going strong.

Since its conception in 1996(!), Adult Friend Finder has been amassed an unbelieve 400 million users over its 25 year career. That’s not a typo, either. A user base the equivalent of the entire US population has used AFF at some point to find love, one night stands and friends with benefits.

Indeed, AFF’s massive user base is a huge attraction to potential new members. As of 2020, there are around 40 million active users on the site, equally split between men and women (amazingly). However, what makes Adult Friend Finder such a hookup paradise is all of the interactive features.

Chat rooms, blogs, forums, user-submitted articles. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a social media hookup site hybrid. In addition to scrolling through members and sending them direct messages, this gives people the option to strike up a rapport with members in different ways. It doesn’t translate to an immediate hookup, but it takes some of the monotony out of the introduction process.

As far as casual dating goes, few hookup sites can match up to Adult Friend Finder. It’s one of the most well rounded dating services available, and the fact it’s still going strong after 25 years is a testament to its quality.


Similar to AFF in many ways, OKCupid is another oldie but goodie.

While it doesn’t boast as big a user base as some of the other best hookup sites, OKCupid is still a great place to find casual dating. With an estimated three million users across the US, many of whom are only looking for casual meetups, there’s no shortage of people lurking in OKCupid’s hallways.

What makes OKCupid stand out from its peers? Well, it incorporates both a swipe-based matching system and the classic scroll-and-browse approach. It gives people the best of both worlds so they can pick whichever system takes their fancy.

OKCupid also has a matching system based on likes and interests available. This approach couples up men and women who the algorithm thinks would be best suited to each other. How does this translate to a free hookup? Well, if you can woo your potential hookup partners from the off, then you’ll be able to jump into bed much quicker than if you were incompatible.

Is OKCupid one of the best hookup sites? Most definitely. It’s a free dating site in every sense. You don’t have to hand over a penny to enjoy any of its dating services. Whether you’re looking for men, women or couples, you’ll be right at home on OKCupid.

Sex Hookup App

Nothing is more attractive than simplicity, and Sex Hookup App makes getting laid more simple than you could ever imagine.

There are no gimmicks here. No matchmaking system and no messing around. As fae as adult hookup sites go, Sex Hookup App guarantees you’ll be balls deep before the night is over.

How does Sex Hookup App ensure that its get men laid? Simply, it asks everyone who logs in: Are you willing to hookup with someone in the next 2 hours? Everyone who clicks yes is then thrust head first into a sea of potential hookup candidates. Therefore, every mand woman browsing Sex Hookup App is ready and waiting to get down to business at the drop of a hat.

It sounds like such a simple premise, but it’s one which actually works. There’s a little psychology behind it too. If you start browsing with the intention of finding a one night stand, you’ll be more inclined to go for one when the offer arises. Given how many men and women have found success on Sex Hookup App already, it’s a process that certainly works.

Chances of finding an easy hookup on Sex Hookup App? Close to certain. With so many girls scouring the site for their next slab of meat, all you have to do is offer your services and you’ll be up to your nuts within the hour. As far as the best hookup sites go, SHA is right near the top. It’s the hookup center of the world, so get on there and meet new women tonight.

No Strings Attached

Affairs happen. They’re a side-effect of life. But never has hooking up with married men and women been so accessible. No Strings Attached caters to those sexy singles and not-so-singles who have a desire to cheat.

You’ll definitely need a lack of morals to indulge this hookup site, so be wary. No Strings Attached has already been blasted by a few review sites for enabling hurtful behavior, but that hasn’t stopped this dating site amassing an impressive user base already.

Quite obviously, there’s no matchmaking system on NSA. Having the option to swipe through thousands of local cheaters is asking for trouble. Instead, many of the profiles are barebones, revealing only age, location and sexual desires. Only the most reckless members post their faces.

Additionally, there are quite a few sexy singles on NSA too. Some guys and girls have a thing for people who cheat, and NSA makes the perfect place to find them.

Will No Strings Attached get you laid? Yes, it absolutely will. As well as allowing cheaters to find each other, you’ll also find that the women on here are only looking to keep things entirely casual. Cheaters enjoy a steady stream of men rather than one or two dedicated ones, so your chances of getting sex through NSA is pretty damn high.

Ashley Madison

And while we’re on the subject of infidelity, we can’t not mention the biggest player in the cheating-dating game.

Ashley Madison is the first name which springs to mind when you think about affair-based sex sites. Over the years, Ashley Madison has been the subject of multiple controversies, not least of which was the famous data breach which saw millions of cheaters’ names leaked to the public.

But like they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and since 2015 Ashley Madison has saw a rapid increase in its user base, now boasting close to 10 million users worldwide. That’s a lot of people looking to get naughty behind their partners’ backs.

Sure, it sounds immoral, but it’s good news for any men out there who are looking for not-so-faithful wives. Best of all, the kind of women on Ashley Madison are the ones looking for easy one night stands with strangers. These kind of girls don’t want anything long term for fear of being busted by their partners.

If you’re on the other side of the coin, then Ashley Madison is the ultimate dating website for extramarital fun. Profiles can be set to private if you’re worried about getting caught. Alternatively, you’re able to password-protect your profiles so only the chosen few are able to view it.


Gimmicks sell, especially in the world of dating apps. Pure has a gimmick that is so simple it’s a wonder no one thought of it sooner.

If you want to get things going quickly, put a timer on it. That’s the rule, and that’s exactly what Pure does. It works almost exactly like Tinder – you swipe, you match, you swap messages with each other. However, it’s the chatting part where things differ slightly.

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After matching with a girl, you’re only able to send messages for a maximum of one hour. After that, you’re out of luck. If you haven’t progressed to email or text messages, then you can’t chat any further.

It sounds a little unforgiving, and it can be. But that’s the point. It prompts members into sending messages straight away so they don’t end up stagnating in your inbox until things become awkward.

Does Pure work as a hookup site? Yes, very much so. It’s rapidly becoming one of the most downloaded adult hookup sites in the app store, so you know people are finding success on here on a regular basis.


And since Pure came along and coined this popular new approach to dating sites, other apps have copied it.

Bumble does something similar, but it puts a feminist spin on things (the app is marketed as a ‘feminist app’). Usually, it’s the men who make first contact on dating sites. It’s sort of an unspoken rule. However, on Bumble, it’s up to the women to take the first step.

That’s right. If you match with a woman, you have to anxiously wait and hope that she messages you within the hour, otherwise that free hookup opportunity slips right from your sweaty grip. It can definitely be frustrating for the men, since they’re completely at the girls mercy, but if she does message you, then you can be damn sure you’re on your way to Hookup City.

It’s actually a highly effective approach. God knows men send a million messages on sites and apps like Tinder or Pure to as many women as possible without any success at all. So, by putting the responsibility on the woman, you can sit back and wait for the messages to roll in.

How does Bumble fare amongst the best hookup apps? Certainly in the top ten, if not only for the feminist twist. A lack of responsibility means a lack of stress, which is better for everyone.


Once known as 3nder, Feeld was originally an app for couples to find a threesome. However, 3nder didn’t make waves on the dating scene and so it became Feeld.

What’s Feeld? Well, couples still use it to find threesomes – and a lot more. Feeld is a fetish dating app for people who want to indulge their specific kinks. We’re not just talking about a little spanking and whipping either. Feeld boasts members into some very interesting sex communities.

Even though this article is massive, it’s still not big enough to list of all the fetishes you’ll come across on Feeld. From the classic stuff like swinging, hotwifing and couples activities, to the extreme stuff like furries, alien fetishes and extreme role play. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Your chances of finding a one night stand on Feeld? Providing you put the effort in to get to know some people, pretty high. Fetishists tend to be a little more picky about who they hookup with. They need trust, maturity and they need to know that their partners understand their desires. But once you do reach the hookup stage, boy, are you in for a treat.


In keeping with the fetish theme, Whiplr is another hookup site created for the kinkier guys and girls in the dating scene.

But unlike Feeld, Whiplr is purely for those people who like it hard and rough. We’re talking spanking, whipping, paddling, humiliating, restraining, pegging, extreme insertion, corporal punishment – you get the idea. Not much sight of the ‘softer’ fetishes on here. It’s all about the impact play.

However, what makes Whiplr a little more appealing is that women can use the app for free. Men will need to fork out for full access but it’s by no means super expensive.

Once again, although Whiplr isn’t a hookup site, you can still use it to find casual sex. It just might take a little longer to get things going since these girls won’t just jump into bed with anyone they meet. But if you build up a rapport and even indulge your own fetishes a little, your chances of an adult hookup shoot up considerably.

Fet Life

To round off our little trifecta of fetish sites and apps, let’s not overlook everyone’s favorite – Fet Life.

Something of a hybrid between social media and a hookup center, Fet Life is a place for all the kinksters of the world to gather and converse about their alternative lifestyles. While not strictly a dating site as such, the Fet Life community is rife with guys, girls and couples looking to connect with like-minded people.

Naturally, this lends itself well to casual sex, since all of the people on Fet Life are highly charged, sex-positive deviants who love nothing more than some discreet fun behind closed doors. There are a ton of features on Fet Life to help you meet new people, like forums, chat rooms, blogs, video diaries, and much more.

Finding casual sex on Fet Life isn’t difficult by any means. It might not be instant, since fetish folks are a bit more reserved about who they hop into bed with. But like the two apps mentioned above, if you put the effort in you’ll be rewarded in the most explosive ways possible.

Since Fet Life is so hugely popular, it’s available in both app and site form.

Plenty of Fish

If it’s a free hookup you want, Plenty of Fish definitely delivers.

Another site which has been on the scene forever, Plenty of Fish was one of the original online hookup apps back in the day. Over time, it’s evolved into a more versatile sex site, catering to people looking for a long term partner as well as casual flings.

POF caters to guys and girls on the younger side, usually younger than 30 but with the average user age being around 24. Most members list their wants and needs in their profiles so you might have to do a little light reading to weed out the people you’re not interested in.

Everything else about POF is as good as any of the best hookup sites have to offer. It strikes a great balance between casual and serious so you’ll easily find a willing partner for whatever you have in mind.

While you have the option to upgrade your account, POF is a free dating site in every sense. It’s perfect for people who want to dive into the adult dating world but don’t want to commit to any monthly payments. There are plenty of girls on POF who just want casual dating so if that’s your intentions too, you’ll thrive on here.


Money can buy you anything, including a one night stand with a sexy young girl. We’re not talking about escorting. We’re talking about sugar daddies (although the line is quite thin depending on who you ask).

Seeking is a dating site for wealthy men to meet eager young girls who will trade their companionship (and their various orifices) for a life of luxury. The women on Seeking are looking for men who can spoil them rotten while they stay at home or roam the shops with your credit card in hand.

You might be surprised to know exactly how many people enjoy this kind of transactional relationship. Some men don’t have the desire to meet girls through the conventional means, and being able to treat women to a life they couldn’t otherwise afford provides them a unique thrill. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about this hookup center is that the women on here are, on average, exquisitely gorgeous. You’ll genuinely find some of the best looking girls in the world on this site, from models to professional dancers to social media sensations. Hey, we’re not judging. If we could coast through life on our looks you can bet your ass we would too.

If you’ve got the money to spare and you want to find a girl who looks like she’s walked straight out of a lingerie magazine, try Seeking. It’s a little different to your average hookup site, and your bank balance will never be the same again, but you’ll certainly get laid.

Friend Finder

No, not Adult Friend Finder, although it’s made by the same people.

Friend Finder is like the classier, upscale version of the famous dating site. And no, it’s not a place for finding platonic friends, it’s a place to help ease you into the adult hookup world. It’s kind of like a social media for curious singles who want to find someone to connect with before they progress to a hookup.

Unlike Adult Friend Finder’s in-your-face sex site approach, Friend Finder is more of a personals site. If you’re on the younger side, you might not remember personals sites and apps. Basically, people would post ads detailing their desires (hookup, relationship, casual meet up) and other members would respond. Personals fell by the wayside when hookup sites took over, but Friend Finder is doing its best to bring them back.

But despite this casual friend approach, FF actually reports great success in bringing people together. Maybe it’s the casual friends-first nature that it encourages, or maybe it’s the 100 million guys and girls who use the site. Either way, FF isn’t the best hookup site but it’s worth giving it a shot if you want to find someone who you connect with before getting nasty with them.


Hinge is another big name dating site you’ve probably heard of. It’s great for finding friends, but what about friends with benefits?

The tagline for this dating app is ‘designed to be deleted,’ which means it’s so confident it will find your perfect match that you’ll be uninstalling it sooner rather than later. And indeed, Hinge is very good at finding compatible partners. It matches people based on looks, interests and personal beliefs, with an algorithm allegedly designed by the world’s leadest relationship psychologists.

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So sure, you’ll find The One in no time. But what if you’re not looking for The One? What if you’re looking for a stream of hot women and no commitment?

As far as being a hookup site, Hinge definitely has a place on the list. You might just need to be a bit sneaky, after all, sex is part of the whole getting-to-know-someone process. Hinge isn’t one of the best hookup sites if it’s solely casual stuff you’re looking for, but it’s worth a shot.


Zoosk is another online dating app you’ve probably seen advertised in the dark corners of the internet. It’s been around for a while and remains one of the most active dating sites on the scene.

What Zoosk has going for it, like Tinder and OKCupid, is the sheer number of people using the site. It boasts a staggering 40 million members all across the world, with a hefty number of people in Europe and the UK. The user base on Zoosk is a little older than your average dating page, with women hovering around the 35 mark.

However, Zoosk isn’t a straightforward hookup website. The women on Zoosk are looking for everything from casual dating to one night stands to longterm love. It’s very much on the center of the dating site spectrum with a medium balance between casual and serious.

Another great feature of Zoosk (and something missing from a lot of adult dating sites) is that you can perform a proper search rather than simply scrolling through endless women. Minor things like height, body type, hair color and location are all possible search criteria.

So whatever you want to find, Zoosk probably has it. It’s not the hookup center of the world, but your chances of meeting several women on here are pretty high.

Get It On

Most adult dating sites seem to match its members up by things like personality type, political beliefs and hobbies. However, Get It On goes in a different direction.

With Get It On, it’s all about the sexual compabitibility. Which makes sense, considering this is a hookup site and nothing more. In fact, it’s surprising that no other hookup sites have ever took this approach.

Sure, while no one is particularly fussy about the sex preferences of the person they hookup with, it’s still advantageous to hookup with women who we have a sexual connection with. That’s why Get It On doesn’t beat around the bush when it grills you before signing up. You’ll need to be brutally honest, because you’ll be asked things like how often you jerk off, what size breasts you prefer and whether you’d do it in the ass on a hookup.

Aside from these invasive questions, Get It On is a pretty barebones hookup site in every other way. You’re given your matches and you’re free to exchange messages as you see fit. That’s the extent of this dating sites interactivity.

Get It On is great for finding sex, dating not so much. But it ensures that the people you hookup with are most compatible with you sexually. What more can you ask from a hookup site?

When you think of a hookup, what springs to mind? Quick, emotionless sex? In, out, shake it all about? Delete her phone number on the way home so she can’t send you anymore messages?

Sure, probably all of these things. But is here to put the… well… passion back into sex, dating and sleeping around. is a place to meet people who are more into the sensual side of things. Intense kissing, soothing backrubs, taking baths together – you know the type. Believe it or not, some people – especially women – still enjoy these things!

The site is as streamline as any adult dating site. It’s sleek and slick and pulls no punches regarding interactivity. Profiles are very detailed, documenting members personal info right down to their inside leg measurements.

This is one of the few hookup sites that can rival OKCupid and AFF in terms of effort, design and interactivity. It’s on the higher end of the dating site spectrum, meaning it caters to an older demographic. If you’re on the wrong side of 35, is the dating website for you.

How likely are you to find a hookup on here? Well, it’s not specifically for hookups, but the number of women on here outnumber the guys quite significantly. So, if you want to know where all the girls are hanging out, you’ve stumbled upon it here.


If it wasn’t obvious from the name, 3Somer is a hookup dating site to help singles and couples find threesomes.

It might feel a little weird going into this site without a partner, but it needs an equal balance of singles and couples for it to work. Truthfully, finding a threesome is pretty difficult, and you won’t find many people advertising for it on other fetish-based apps like Feeld and Fet Life. So, if you’ve always fantasized about joining a woman and her partner for some fun, 3Somer provides the best opportunity.

If you’re a single, you’ll find that most members profiles describe both partners. It’s mostly straight couples on 3Somer too, although there are a few members looking for same-sex dating and hookups. 3Somer isn’t a place for members to discuss their niche kinks, either. It’s purely for threesomes, so you won’t find any couples looking to indulge in any extreme stuff.

For a one-on-one hookup or casual dating, you won’t find it on 3Somer. It’s a site purely for multi-partner fun. Alternatively, if you and your partner are looking for someone to join your bedroom activity, there are plenty of hot guys and girls on 3Somer willing to offer their services.

Single Parent Meet

The name says it all. Single Parent Meet is a platform for people with kids to find other people with kids.

Dating as a single mom or dad can definitely be a pain, and hooking up can be even harder. Scheduling casual sex around your kids’ bedtimes can certainly get stressful, especially if your hookup companion isn’t a parent themselves.

But with Single Parent Meet, everyone is fully aware of the ups and downs that comes with dating as a single parent. They understand that if you flake off one night because your son won’t stop crying, it’s not an excuse just to blow them off.

Best of all, it’s no secret that single parents don’t have a lot of time to get naughty. That’s why you’ll find plenty of MILFs on here with only a small window to get some dick, and providing you’re in the right place at the right time, it could be you that provides it to her.

Kids have gone to their dads for the night? Kids are at school until 3pm? These horny single moms will capitalize on any spare moment they have to get their end away, you just have to be there to offer your services.

Sex sites catering to single parents are actually incredibly rare, which really is quite surprising. Single Parent Meet provides a great opportunity for some easy hookups, so you’d be crazy to miss out on it.


Okay, so we’re cheating with this one. It might not be an online dating site in the conventional sense, but Snapchat is actually the hookup center of the universe.

How so? Well, if you’ve spent any time on Snapchat, you’ll be aware that it’s basically an unofficial dating website. With so many horny, young members sending hot pictures back and forth, it’s no surprise that it naturally creates sensual connections between men and women.

How to find an online hookup on Snapchat? First of all, it’s just a matter of finding women – and there are plenty of ways to do this. A lot of women put their Snapchat usernames in their other social media profiles, so search through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and you’ll find some in no time. Once you do this, you’ll naturally attract similar profiles into your orbit, which ideally will be more hot women.

Due to Snapchat’s casual pic-changing nature, it’s easy to progress to sex talk with any girl you might be chatting with. Also, if they’re chatting with a stranger on Snapchat, chances are they’re looking for an online hookup too.

Don’t sleep on Snapchat. Even if it’s not a hookup, you’ll find a sexting partner, a nude-swapping partner and much more on here.

Swing Lifestyle

Hookup sites which cater to a single niche tend to be quite popular, which goes a long way to explain why Swing Lifestyle is swimming with adventurous couples looking for a third and fourth partner for their sex games.

Don’t know what swinging is? Well, most commonly it’s when one couple hooks up with another couple and everyone gets nasty together. However, swinging can actually take various forms, including cuckolding and hotwifing. Swing Lifestyle caters to all of them.

If you’ve always fancied an adult hookup with another man’s wife, Swing Lifestyle is the place to find it. Best of all, there’s no cheating involved (at least not emotionally), since the wife’s partner actively encourages it. Pretty perfect, right?

In addition to finding a swinging partner, Swing Lifestyle is also useful to find local sex parties and orgies if that’s your scene. How does Swing Lifestyle square up when it comes to finding a hookup? Pretty good, considering swingers love finding new cock on a regular basis. As far as hookup sites go, Swing Lifestyle is somewhere in the top twenty apps currently available.


In the interests of inclusivity, we thought we’d mention some hookup sites for the boys. Grindr is the hookup center of the gay community without a doubt.

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If you thought women were horny devils, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Gay men fuck like rabbits on ecstasy if Grindr is anything to go by. Grindr is much less about casual dating than it is about finding the nearest asshole and pounding it raw. Men are much less reserved about who they fuck than women, so Grindr is something of a hookup free for all.

The app works based on your location. It shows you a list of guys nearby who are DTF, then it’s as simple as saying hi before they invite you round to stretch their backdoors out.

Without a doubt, Grindr is the best hookup site for gay dating. There’s no app quite like it. Hell, maybe if you’re feeling a bit curious and you want to sample a little cock, there are plenty of Grindr members who’ll happily indulge you.

Gamer Dating

If you’re a long-term singleton, chances are you you’ve tried easing that crushing sense of loneliness with video games.

We’re joking, of course, but video games are a big deal in the modern world. With sites like Twitch making it cool to play video games again, there’s never been a better time to use your love of gaming to your advantage.

That’s where Gamer Dating comes in. Scroll through thousands of gamer-loving babes in your city and bond over everything from World of Warcraft to Plants vs Zombies. While browsing through other profiles and receiving messages is free, you’ll need to purchase a subscription in order to send messages.

Niche hookup websites always come with little quirks and Gamer Dating is no exception. There are little features dotted around the page, such as blogs and mini-games which you can play as part of a twosome.

Sure, Gamer Dating isn’t the hookup center of the world, but if you’re looking to have some fun with a Player 2, Gamer Dating has your needs covered.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Despite the stupid name, Coffee Meets Bagel is a nifty little adult dating site which has been on the scene for a while.

Its gimmick is quite useful too, and it actually allows the dating app to do the hard work for you. Every day at 12pm, you are matched with two others members of the site. That’s it, two matches per day. You’re free to talk, exchange pictures and whatever else you want. No endless scrolling and no messaged left on read.

One of the problems with sites like Tinder and Pure is that women are so totally inundated with messages from guys that they suffer from decision fatigue. They have to make a snap judgement about which guys to message (and they usually base this off pictures and nothing else). Therefore, a lot of decent guys get looked over.

However, this dating site skirts this issue in a clever way. It favors quality over quantity, allowing for people to get to know each other before making a decision whether they like each other or not. It’s a simple, effective solution which more dating apps should take note of.

Most women at least make the effort to chat, even if you’re not their cup of tea (or coffee) looks wise. But if you can woo a girl with your personality, who knows where things might lead? Most people think that in order to find success on hookup sites, you have to play the numbers game. But Coffee Meets Bagel proves that you don’t need to send messages to a million women in order to find easy sex.

Mouse Mingle

As we reach the end of this massive article, things are going to get a little weird. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Introducing Mouse Mingle, a hookup dating site for hardcore Disney fans. Yes, such a thing exists.

Disney is actually more popular than ever, and things will be no different going into 2021. For the first time in the history of Disney’s existence, more adults are consuming Disney material than children, which is both fascinating and worrying in equal measures.

However, one undeniable truth is that there are a lot of hot young women who love Disney. We don’t know why, but we’re not complaining. And best of all? They’re all on here looking for a hookup, dating and casual get-togethers.

As you browse the profiles on Mouse Mingle you’ll find hot girl after hot girl just waiting for another Disney fanatic to hit them up. It’s a traditional online dating site – no matchmaking, no gimmicks. Just browse through and pick the girl who takes your fancy. Providing you know your Mickeys from your Minnies, you’ll have no problem getting a conversation going with these hotties.

Trek Dating

Do you speak fluent Klingon? Do you know the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe off the top of your head? Are you looking to find the Princess Leia to your Han Solo? If so, there’s one online dating site you need to visit.

Trek Dating is a place for sci-fi lovers and nerds of all kinds to come together, borrow each other’s comic books and enjoy some adult dating fun. Sites and apps catering to the nerd crowd are nothing new, but Trek dating is on another level considering it’s million-strong user base.

Long gone are the days when nerds were sexless bores. Now, they’re hot, provocative and not afraid to explore the depths of their sexuality.

As you can tell by the name, Trek Dating attracts a lot of Star Trek fans. If that’s up your alley, this online dating site might provide you with easy sex with some nerdy women. If not, it will at least provide you with a laugh.


A lot of hookup sites match people based on things they love, but not many sites match people based on things they hate.

Enter Hater, an adult dating app which uses your irritations, your annoyances and your dislikes to help you find that perfect partner. It’s a novel concept, genius in fact, since it’s a sad truth that many people bond over the things they despise rather than the things they enjoy.

Simply fill out your profile with the usual details, name, age, location, and so forth. But then you’ll be prompted to provide a thorough, in-depth list of the things which drive you up the wall. These can be anything from teen YouTubers to vegan food to ska music. The more specific, the better. Best to avoid common dislikes like sprouts or Donald Trump and go for the particular things. Chances are there’s someone out there who despises it too.

The sites algorithm will then match you up with an equally hate-filled girl for you to rant and rave with. As far as hookup sites go, Hater is different for sure.


Most hookup sites and apps are based around physical appearance. It sucks, but it’s true.

S’More, however, turns this common approach on its head. It encourages its members to connect on a personal level before progressing to the physical side of things.

When you browse through users, you’ll see nothing but blurred photos. Sure, you’ll kinda be able to see what they look like but nothing substantial. However, the more messages you trade, the less blurry her photos will become, gradually revealing your anonymous texter in full.

To make things even more interesting, there’s also a video option allowing you to chat directly to a blurred face like something out of a Stephen King movie. Creepy? Sexy? Take your pick.

Is S’More one of the best hookup sites around? Not so much, but it doesn’t mean it won’t get you laid eventually. If you’re willing to go through a few days of conversation, sex will certainly be on the horizon.


Sites and apps which empower women are all the rage in the modern world. Following on from Bumble’s popularity, Pickable is another hookup center that puts all of the power in the woman’s hands.

But with Pickable, there’s no swiping and no matching. In fact, if you’re a guy, you won’t be able to view any women at all on here. All of the women’s profiles are private and anonymous, giving them the ability to browse guy’s profiles without having to worry about being bombared with messages.

For the girl, it’s like browsing a supermarket full of men, and we guess that’s a good thing. If you’re a guy, you’re essentially putting yourself on display in a virtual glass box to be gawped at and admired by thousands of women. If you take their fancy, they’ll shoot you a message and you’re free to get talking. However, only after a woman has messaged you will you be able to see what they look like.

Pickable isn’t the kind of sites you can spend your evening browsing on the hunt for some local sex. But it’s worth it to have a profile on here and wait for the messages to roll in. As far as hookup websites go, Pickable isn’t the best in the world but it has its uses.


If you’re old, you might remember speed dating. Speed dating was when you’d go to a club and talk to ten different women for five minutes each.

Chorus, one of the newest hookup sites on the app store, does its best to reignite these glory years of awkward conversations with strangers.

Does it work? Yes, actually. The best hookup sites are numbers games – the more people you talk to, the higher chances you have of getting laid. Chorus knows this and so ensures that you connect with as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

Sure, you won’t bond with every woman you talk to, but the big positive is that you only have to chat for five minutes before you can move on. Any girl you do hit it off with, you tick a boxing saying so at the end. If she returns the favor then you’re free to chat normally.

Chorus isn’t a hookup center in the same sense as Tinder or Sex Hookup App, but it’s good, fun online dating sites which breaks away from the norm a little.