The Easiest Free Hookup App for Casual Sex and Getting Laid

Best Hookup Apps For Singles During Lockdown

Thanks to lockdown, plenty of us have spent the past few months glued to Pornhub with a roll of tissues by our sides. hookup apps have fallen by the wayside since nobody wants to bang with a facemask on.

List Of Best Adult Dating & Sex Sites

  1. Adult Friend Finder
  3. Out personals (Gay Dating)
  4. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  5. Passion
  6. No String Attached
  7. Adult Sex Finder
  8. Get it On
  9. Cams (Adult Chatting Online)
  10. Horny Dating
  11. Swap Finder
  12. E Z Dating

But with lockdown restrictions lessening over the coming weeks, plenty of guys and girls are desperate to get back on the hook up apps and get naughty. Traffic on apps is rising and people are getting frisky again.

But there are so many dating apps out there that it’s hard to know which ones are the best. Luckily, we’ve scoured every popular dating app – and some of the lesser known ones – to give you some guidance.

Want to know the best dating apps to find someone tonight? Here’s the ultimate guide to help you find that one night stand you’ve been craving since the world went crazy in March. Read on for the best hookup apps for singles in 2021.


Hookup apps with unique gimmicks tend to be the most popular purchases on the app store, and Pure might be the apps with the most interesting gimmick going.

If you’ve ever used Tinder, how many matches have you left in your inbox without ever chatting to? Probably quite a few. Well, Pure offers a genius solution to this issue. When you match with a women, you only have the options to chat with her for 1 hour before access is denied forever.

This really prompts users to start chatting straight away, which obviously results in more hookups for everyone. As far as dating apps go, Pure is one of the best and most active products available.

Plenty of Fish

Good old POF is still here and going strong. As one of the oldest dating apps in the world, POF has a huge number of users trawling its hallways looking to hook up.

As far as dating services go, POF has it all. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s packed full of singles. You don’t have to worry about matches or anything like that, either. Just scroll through, find people who take your fancy and get chatting.

While you’ll certainly find people to hook up with on this dating app, POF has quite a few users looking for something more than casual meetups. You’ll find just as many people looking for long-term relationships as you will hookup sessions. But still, it’s one of the most popular online dating apps for good reason.


For the people who don’t like dating individually, Klique is a dating app catered towards groups.

Set up your profile and start browsing through users. However, conversations can only begin if there are four people in a chat once, so you’re gonna have to do all of your flirting in front of your friend-come-wingman. But don’t worry, everyone else will be in the same situation too.

It’s an interesting way to meet people, and reviews for this dating app have been mixed. You might not find a hookup right a way, but it’s a great app if you’re on the shy side.

Sex Hookup App

Dating apps with gimmicks tend to stand out from the crowd, but sometimes, barebones is the best way to go.

Sex Hookup App is as simple as it comes. This site specializes in hooking local people up without any bullshit. Anyone who signs up is asked the same question: are you looking to meet someone local tonight? Anyone who answers yes is given the keys to the gates, while anyone answering no is kicked to the curb.

Unlike Tinder and other modern dating apps, there’s no match-making system in place on Sex Hookup App. Once your bio is filled out (age, location, photo), you’re free to browse all of the singles in your area. And believe us when we say that there are plenty of ladies lurking on here, and these women aren’t looking to be wined and dine.

You won’t find anyone looking for a relationship on Sex Hookup App, unless that relationship is based on sex and nothing else. SexHookup App is for purely for hookups and one night stands. Anyone for long-term relationships should go elsewhere.

No bullshit. No hassle. In fact, SexHookup App is much less a dating app than it is a sex app. You’ll find local women ready and waiting for a dick injection every night of the week. Reviews have been very favorable, so get on SHA while you can. It might be the best and simplest dating sites around.


One of the newest hookup apps on the scene, Hitch is all about shared interests. It’s a little more in-depth than most other dating apps, so be prepared to converse with people before diving into bed.

Hitch works like a bit like Kik in that there are chatrooms dedicated to individual subjects, from standard stuff like sports and movies right up to super weird stuff like Tolkien first editions. You just jump in there and start talking to people. It’s a great feature and one which lets you connect with users on a more intimate level.

Reviews for Hitch have been great. You might find a few distracting things, like in-app purchases and links to affiliate marketing programs, but they’re easy to ignore.


Dating app gimmicks don’t come much better than Happn. One of the fastest rising apps in the dating niche, Happn is on its way to reaching the popularity of Tinder and Match.

Happn tracks your geographical travels, and if you end up within spitting distance of someone else with the dating app, you’ll be notified of it. This guarantees that whoever you talk to is local to you, and the fact they have the app is enough to indicate they’re also looking to hook up.

Great reviews. No in-app purchases. Happen is available on Android and iOS and it requires a monthly subscription for maximum use.


When it comes to sex apps, the biggest name that stands out above all else is Tinder. It’s the Ivy League of hookup sites.

Tinder is one of the reasons why the match-making system is used by so many dating sites, having invented the feature back when the app first arrived on the app store in 2012. You know how it works. Swipe left on someone you like, right on someone you don’t. Once you match with someone, you’re free to get chatting.

What makes Tinder one of the best hookup apps? Quite simply, it comes down to popularity. With so many names running around on the app, you’re statistically likely to find a number of individuals who cater to your tastes. As of late 2020, there are 50 million singles looking to hookup on Tinder. If you’re not able to find the a hookup on here, then you’re out of luck.

Dating apps like Tinder rarely reach the dizzying heights of popularity that this app has, so make the most of it. The apps is free and there are no hidden in-app purchases to be wary of.


Everyone agrees that online dating can be a hassle. It’s 2020, why can’t our phone do the hard work for us?

With Clover, it can. Clover arranges dates for you so you don’t have to. If you swipe left on a photo (and she returns the favor), then the app arranges a convenient time and place for you two to meet. No boring conversation if you don’t want it. How many dating apps can say they do that?

Of course, you’re free to send some messages if you want, but you don’t have to. In fact, it’s not really expected. You can save all your best material for when you meet in person.

Clover’s been getting mixed reviews on the app store, and at the moment it’s only available for Android.

Fet Life

If it’s kinky fun you’re looking for, there’s space in the app store for that too.

Calling Fet Life a dating app might be ambitious, since it’s more of a community than a dating platform. It works like a social media site, but there are plenty of social media apps which make great dating sites.

You’ll certainly find hookups on Fet Life, but this app caters towards kinks and fetishes. So, if vanilla hookups just don’t do it for you, you’ll find like-minded individuals looking for BDSM play, swinging, humiliation, and whatever else your dirty little mind can conjure up. If you can imagine it, then Fet Life has it.

While Fet Life will certainly help you find people to hook up with, things might take a little longer than usual. The fetish crowd aren’t known for jumping right into bed, so you might need to build up a relationship before you get down to business.


Sometimes, a photo just isn’t enough. With Veat, every member must upload a number of videos to their profile so that potential hookup partners can see what they’re really like. No hiding behind filters or angles – it’s all on show for everyone to see.

Something great about Veat is that it shows you people in their truest form. You can see their mannerisms and hear their voices, meaning you can decide whether or not they’re right for a hookup.

Veat’s a great tool for finding that perfect someone, especially if you’re picky about your short-term relationships.


How many times have you perved on chicks from school over Facebook? Well, if you have, Feeld is here to help you make the jump from drooling over them to banging them.

This app connects to your Facebook and matches you with everyone on your friends list. That hot colleague you perv on? Swipe left. That crazy friend of your aunt’s who shares conspiracy memes? Swipe right. If the other person also has Feeld, and also swipes left, boom, it’s a match and you can start talking.

Once you’ve exhausted your Facebook friends list, you can opt to swipe through friends of friends too. This gives you a much wider net to find a hookup, and with enough swiping you’ll find success eventually.


If you want some anonymity in the dating app world, Wild is the place for you.

Wild takes its security features very seriously, which is why anyone can join without having to give over as much as their name. Nobody is denied access. All you need is a username and you’re free to get swiping. No email address, nothing.

You’ll be surprised how many other anonymous folk are looking for the same thing as you. Wild has over 2 million people using its page across the US and Europe, so the app definitely has a lot of activity going on.

The anonymity the app provides gives you a little more peace of mind that you won’t run into anyone you know, or you won’t get any retailer sites spamming your email addresses with products you don’t need.