No-Strings Casual Sex Tonight? Best Sex Apps to Find Women

Do Sex Apps Work? These Ones Do

Not all sex apps are created equal. For every Tinder and Ashley Madison, there are a hundred sex apps which are nothing but ghost towns and fake profiles designed to separate you from your cash.

Best Sex Apps to Find Women

  1. Adult Friend Finder
  3. Out personals (Gay Dating)
  4. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  5. Passion
  6. No String Attached
  7. Adult Sex Finder
  8. Get it On
  9. Cams (Adult Chatting Online)
  10. Horny Dating
  11. Swap Finder
  12. E Z Dating

And with new sex apps arriving by the bucketload every month, it can be difficult to know which ones are legit and which ones suck ass. Every new app claims to be the ultimate in casual sex or one night stands, but you won’t be surprised to learn that most of them are telling lies.

So, this guide will help clear things up. Want to know which sex apps work and which ones don’t? We’ve put together everything you need to know so you can get laid, not scammed. Read on for our super guide.


Simplicity is at the heart of BeNaughty. It’s a no frills hookup site which caters to people looking for sex right now. Obviously, there are a ton of sex apps like BeNaughty, so what makes this one so great?

Well, first of all, BeNaughty takes its security features very seriously, meaning you won’t find any a single fake profile on here. When you create your own profile, you have to upload an image which passes an online image check. So, all those fake users using pics stolen off Getty Images? They’re kicked to the curb.

There’s a super active community of horny singles on here, and women make up a large portion of them. Something about BeNaughty appeals to the women of the world, and while we’re not sure what it is, we’re not complaining.

BeNaughty is certainly one of the best sex apps on the app store right now, so check it out while it’s hot.


Pure is very much a swipe app like Tinder. However, it’s got a great little feature which really incentivizes its users to start chatting as soon as they match. They add a little exclusivity to your matches by making it a one-time thing.

You see, you only have 24 hours to send a message with your matches. After that, it’s back to playing the swipe game. How many women have you ever let rot in your inbox, always telling yourself you’ll message her later but never do? Probably quite a few. Everyone is guilty of it, but Pure skirts the issue in a genius way.

Sex apps tend to sell themselves on gimmicks these days, and very few of these gimmicks are actually useful. However, if you’re looking for something that does help users find casual sex easier, then Pure is the app for you.


Happn’s gimmick is super smart. If you’ve crossed paths in real life with someone else who has the app, then you’ll both be notified and you can get chatting. It’s such a novel concept, and one which makes Happn one of the best sex apps going.

The gimmick is a great approach that ensures the people you match with are all within a reasonable distance to you. No matching with users on the other side of the world who you’d never meet up with in a million years.

The likelihood of finding sex on Happn? Reasonably high. With so many people realizing the advantages of a geographical-based app like this, the number of users are shooting up by the day. And of course, the more people who get the app, the bigger your pool of potential matches.


No list of dating apps is complete without mention of the big bad. There’s nowhere else quite like Tinder.

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The originators of the swipe / matches system, Tinder is still going strong eight years after its inception. This app changed the online dating game in a huge way, and still today remains one of the best casual sex apps on the market.

Swipe left if you want to match, swipe right if you don’t like them. Simple as that. When you match with someone, you’re free to get talking.

What makes Tinder one of the best places to find a one night stand is the sheer numbers of using lurking its hallways. People all across the world use Tinder to hookup every hour of every day, so if you’re looking for casual hook ups, there’s nowhere better than Tinder. With 50 million people now using the app worldwide, you’re guaranteed to find a hookup pretty sharpish.

Adult Friend Finder

Nearly 20 years after it first appeared on the dating scene, Adult Friend Finder is still a behemoth in the dating site game.

Less of a dating app and more of a social media page for horny singles, Adult Friend Finder is a great sex site to meet new friends. It’s packed full of interactive content, like forums, blogs and chat rooms. There’s also porn content on there for anyone who finds themselves browsing the app with an erection in hand.

So, lots of users, great adult content and much more. How does Adult Friend Finder fair as a dating app? Given its massive user base, very well. Chances are you’ll make friends on AFF pretty quickly, then it’s just a matter of moving in the direction you want to go. It’s not the best hookup site available, but it’s certainly in the top ten.

Sex Hookup App

If you want sex and you want it now, Sex Hookup App is the sex app you need on your phone right now.

Packed with singles the world over, Sex Hookup App specializes in helping you find someone to fuck within an hour of logging on. It’s the epitome of what a hookup site should be – no frills, no bullshit. Easy sex whenever you want it.

We know, it sounds crazy, but Sex Hookup App is one of the few sex apps that actually delivers on its promise. Once you input your email address, you’ll find hundreds of women in your city eager to get wet and wild tonight. That’s one of the principal beauties of this sex app – it ensures that every user wants the same thing you do – easy sex.

Sex Hookup App has a huge user base and maintains a 50/50 ratio of men and women. It’s crammed full of singles (and some naughty not-so-singles) who are all craving casual sex, one night stands and fuck buddy type relationships.

SHA is free to join and it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll be able to find someone local within an hour. There’s no match-making system, you’re free to browse singles as you see fit. Truthfully, while SHA might be new to the dating site world, it’s one of the best sex apps available.

OK Cupid

We can’t talk about the best sex apps without mentioning OK Cupid.

Perhaps the most popular traditional dating site around, OK Cupid has brought together millions of people for hookups, casual sex, long term relationships and probably marriage.

What makes the site so successful? Well, the fact it’s older than god’s dog is a start, and unlike some other dating sites, OK Cupid has kept up with the rapid changes in the modern dating scene. The site offers countless interactive features, including geographical matchups and a swipe-based match system. There are chat rooms, forums and blogs for users to enjoy, and the site does its best to weed out fake accounts.

As far as finding hookups go, it’s a toss-up on OK Cupid. There are plenty of users on there looking for it, but it’s just a matter of finding them since just as many people are long for less casual relationships. However, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

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No, Kik isn’t a sex app, but cucumbers weren’t invented for anal sex and people still stick them up there.

Point being that even if something isn’t invented for that purpose, doesn’t mean it doesn’t thrive in that role – Kik being the perfect example. This reasonably innocent site has become something of an unofficial dating site, thanks to its massive user base of horny singles naturally interacting over shared interests.

Kik is basically a messaging app with thousands of chat rooms, covering every topic from movies and music right up to niche shit like rare editions of C.S. Lewis books. No match-making, no matches or anything like that. Just browse chat rooms, find people you connect with and go from there.

Sure, it might be weird just hitting up random users in random rooms, so choose a room with a sex-based subject. Search filters by hashtags (#singles, #relationships, #hookups, etc) and you’ll find people in no time.

No Strings Attached

In today’s world, not many online dating apps are questionably moral. However, No Strings Attached is here to change that.

Ashley Madison made having an affair acceptable, but NoStringsAttached has taken things a step further. This app actively encourages people to stray outside the confines of their relationship.

There are two types of profile available. One is for cheaters, the other is for singles who have a penchant for people who cheat. So, even if you’re not in a relationship, you can use this site to find and hook up with people who are.

As far as dating services go, NSA is pretty unique. Chances of finding hookups on here? Reasonable, however, not many users have pictures in their profile since they’re (assumingly) worried about their partners finding their profile. But if you’re willing to put in the hard work and get chatting to someone, a hookup is certainly on the cards.

Providing you leave your morals at the door, NSA is a great place to get laid.


Calling all those who like their hookup apps on the kinkier side, Feeld is the site for you.

Feeld is what you’d get if you combined Fet Life with Tinder. It’s part dating app, part social media, and it works really well. How it works is that you’ll swipe through potential matches, but rather than only seeing their pics, you’ll be able to see their fetish interests.

These could be anything from light to extreme. From mild BDSM play right through to the hardcore stuff like humiliation, whipping and whatever else. If you like what you see, swipe left to match. If they return the favor, you’re good to go.

Be warned that folk on the kinkier end of the hookup spectrum are sometimes a little harder to sway. Relationships based on fetish play, particularly dominant / submissive stuff, sometimes take a little more time to reach the hook up level. But regardless, definitely give this app a go if you’re looking for a non-vanilla relationship.


Are you down? Down for fucking your Facebook friends, that is.

Let’s not be coy. We’ve all done it. Browsed the Facebook profile of someone we work with, or went to school with, or know via a friend – all with the intention of perving on her photos. Hell, surely that’s one of the reasons why Facebook has so many users, right?

Well, the team behind Down realized this and sought to capitalize on our voyeuristic shenanigans. Down links to your Facebook and works like Tinder, only every potential match is someone off your FB.

If the other person has the app and matches your swipe, congratulations, you both now know that you want to fuck each other.

Down is easily one of the best sex apps going, simply due to it’s novel concept of hooking up friends. No longer do you have to like every single photo she posts, and instead just install the Down app.

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Are you excellent at Minesweeper? Maybe you’re undefeated as noughts and crosses? If so, this app is perfect for you to show off your gaming prowess that no doubt gets the ladies juiced up. .

Introducing XO, one of the newest hookup apps on the dating scene. It works like a traditional dating site, only before you can start exchanging messages, you have to play some games with the other site member. We’re talking games like hangman, Snakes & Ladders and solitaire. Not Call of Duty of Minecraft.

It’s meant to be a way to break the ice, and it works amazingly well. It’s not just a random gimmick, either. There’s actually some interesting psychology behind the process. Users are more inclined to swap messages with someone they’ve bonded with elsewhere, or something. Who cares? The point is that it will lead to hookups and that’s what matters.

Is it one of the best hookup apps? It’s certainly different, and will help build a foundation for your relationship before jumping into bed.


Mimitate is one of those apps that sounds really stupid on paper, but in reality actually works really well.

Here’s how it works: You take a selfie and post what you’re watching on Netflix. You then upload this to your feed, and other users will see it. If someone likes your face and your choice of TV show, they’ll let you know.

Sounds weird? It certainly is, but online dating is a chore and we all know it, and this fun little gimmick helps add a layer of fun to the whole process. It helps break the ice without having to go rounds of boring old conversation too. After all, who doesn’t watch TV?

Is it one of the best sex apps going? Well, it’s good for getting conversation going, but it probably won’t lead to an instant hookup. There are folks on Mimitate looking for genuine dating in addition to no strings attached sex, so you’ll have to weed out those people.

However, once you build up a rapport with a few users you’ll definitely see an improvement in your sex life. You’ll occasionally get links to affiliate marketing programs and retailer sites on here, but just ignore them.


Bumble works a bit like Pure in that users only have a limited window of communication available, however, Bumble comes with a few differences.

Bumble markets itself as a feminist dating app, although we’re not sure what that means. But after matching with someone, it’s up to the woman to initiate contact – the man just has to sit back and hope she does. If she hasn’t messaged you within an hour. Sorry, that hookup opportunity goes right out the window.

Does it work? Yes, absolutely. Chances are if she messages you, you’ll be heading to Hookups City that very night. Is it one of the best sex apps around? We’d put it in our top twenty for sure, but it can be frustrating sitting around hoping that she takes the plunge. But one thing Bumble has going for it is that it’s rapidly reaching popularity levels only seen by the big names in the dating scene, thus increasing your chances of getting laid exponentially.


And the award for least creative name goes to… Flirt! We’re sure you’ll agree it’s a terrible name, but despite this, Flirt is a great dating app that makes finding hookups super fun.

Truthfully, there’s not much different about Flirt than there is Tinder or OKCupid, but it does do one thing differently. Women can enjoy everything on the app for free, meaning that there’s a disproportionate number of men to women in favor of the ladies. This will sound like a dream to any guys out there who are sick of sausage-fest dating apps like POF and Match.

There’s some great interactive features on Flirt, such as chat rooms, video messaging and mini-blogs. It’s only a minor touch, but it makes the whole platform feel much more well-rounded. As far as dating apps go, it’s certainly in our top twenty, and given the massive number of female users, it can feel like walking into a candy store.