Best Casual Dating Sites? Are Local Sex Hookup with Ease

Once upon a time, you had to find your hookups in the local bar scene. But in the modern age, it’s all about the local hookup sites.

Local Hookups? Here’s How Tonight

  1. Adult Friend Finder
  3. Out personals (Gay Dating)
  4. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  5. Passion
  6. No String Attached
  7. Adult Sex Finder
  8. Get it On
  9. Cams (Adult Chatting Online)
  10. Horny Dating
  11. Swap Finder
  12. E Z Dating

The internet is rife with dating websites, hookup apps and other platforms guaranteeing easy sex. But as you’ve probably found out for yourself, not every hookup website is created equal. Some are scam sites, some are ghost towns, and both are a waste of time.

So we’ve scoured every dating platform, app and forum we can find. Some you’ll already know, some you won’t. Forget the dance floor and move over to the app store (or your browser if you’re on desktop). These are the best dating sites to find local hookups tonight.

Adult Friend Finder

One of the original dating sites, good old Adult Friend Finder, takes pole position on our list.

Still going strong after decades, AFF was the first real breakout name in the online dating site game. Originally a forum back in the early 2000s, AFF has evolved into something of a mega-platform.

As well as boasting millions of users worldwide, AFF is a singles community as well as a hookup site. You’ll find chat rooms, forum and blog posts, and even a section for singles to offer their personal dating tips. It’s the perfect place to connect with like-minded people who want the samething youdo.

AFF doesn’t incorporate the popular matches system, instead it utilizes the traditional scrolling and browsing approach. Chances of getting a local hookup on AFF? Pretty high, especially considering the number of users on here. Man or woman, AFF will get you laid.


While we’re on the subject of dating sites which have been around a while, here’s another one.

Much like AFF, OKCupid has evolved with the times. Once your bog standard dating forum, the place is now much more interactive and streamlined. The site allows people to scroll through at will looking for new dating partners, but there’s also a matching system for those men too lazy to put the hard work in.

Everything about OKCupid is free, but there’s an option to upgrade so you appear on the featured profiles section of the website. While it’s not essential, this little feature will help you get noticed by other members, thus increasing your chances of a local hookup.

Outside of scrolling and making matches, there are other ways to interact and make new friends (with benefits or without). Forum posts, chat rooms, blogs, and more. With thousands of hot women of every age crammed on here, you’ll find success with relative ease.

Sex Hookup App

Sometimes, you just want to get laid without any bullshit. If that sounds like your idea of heaven, Sex Hookup App might be right up your street.

Logging in to Sex Hookup App prompts the same question every time: are you willing to meet up with someone local in the next 2 hours? Hit the submit button ‘yes,’ and you’ll be thrust into a world of horny girls eager to get wet and wild right away. No gimmicks, no mundane conversation, and no dating.

There’s a bustling user base on Sex Hookup, equally split between men and women so all singles have a fair chance of meeting someone. Once you’ve signed up (email address, password & username) you’ll be able to browse thousands of girls in your local area.

These women don’t want conversation or romantic gestures, either. They want casual sex, one night stands and not much else. All they need is a man to give it them. If you’d like to volunteer your dick for service, then click the link above and get down to business. The app is available on both phone and desktop, so you’ve really got no excuse to not get laid tonight.

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Tinder’s like that rock band who changed the world a decade ago, but then instead of continuously breaking new ground, they just kind of blended into the background for a while.

For local hookups, Tinder certainly has its merits. It’s perhaps the most active online dating service in the world, with around 50 million singles registered on the site – making it one of the best hookup sites due to its sheer number of users.

Tinder is totally free to use. No membership fee or hidden costs. That’s one of the biggest attractions for sure. However, there a plenty of singles who use Tinder for more than just hookups. Some men and women are on the hunt for lurve, so you’ll need to weed out these folk before you can progress to some bedroom activity.

Still, Tinder’s a great site and will definitely get you laid if you put in the work. There’s no desktop version, so you’ll need the app if you want to try your hand at it.


Remember Backpage personals? If you don’t, it worked like a forum, with a different forum for each city in the world. People could post that they were looking for hookups, relationships, etc.

Unfortunately, the Backpage forum was removed in 2018, but Casualx picks up where it left off. Once again, this is less of a dating site and more of a hookups forum. You make a post and wait for the replies to roll in, or you can browse other people’s posts and respond to them.

The forum approach comes with a number of advantages over the traditional dating site approach, not to mention it’s something a little different from the usual stuff we’re used to.

Does Casualx guarantee easy sex? If you’re a man, you might have to spend about an hour sending messages to other members, but considering there’s a lot of girls on here, you should find an easy local hookup the same night.

Every popular hookup site has a gimmick, and‘s is as simple as gimmicks come.

All profiles are anonymous. Members don’t have to reveal any info whatsoever, no name, no age, nothing. Other than photos, profiles are mostly blank. All you need to login is a user name – no email, no password.

How does this translate to local hookups? Well, like a forum site, Flirt matches are made via geographical range, so you’ll only be able to talk to members who are reasonably local to you. And you can bet your ass that any girls using an anonymous dating app aren’t looking to be wined and dined, either.

Chances of finding a local hookup are high, whether you’re a man or woman. Plenty of singles are roaming Flirt’s hallways looking for discreet fun, sexting and more, so get on there and make some new friends today.


Like a little pain and pleasure? If you like things on the kinky side, you’ll love Whiplr.

Whiplr is a sex app for BDSM lovers. It uses the traditional dating site approach, no swiping necessary. You can just search through a long list of hot women, many of whom are clad in leather and latex, and message at will. In your profile, you’ll need to list all of the fetishes you’re into so that you can attract the right people.

While Whiplr attracts a kinky crowd, it’s mostly catered to those who like spanking, whipping and impact play. You won’t find many swingers, cuckolds or similar niches on here (but you’ll find other places for that on this list).

As the BDSM community appeals to a more mature crowd, Whiplr is a great platform to check out if you’re into fetish play and on the wrong side of thirty. There’s also an option to browse through Whiplr anonymously without having to input an email, password or username too. Perfect for the security-conscious amongst you.

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Want someone else to do the hard work for you? Do you trust your friends to find you a compatible date partner? Then check out Wingman.

This hookup app puts your friend in charge of your dating life. Instead of two people talking directly, they talk via proxy, so your friend will be talking to your potential date’s friend and (hopefully) speaking highly of you. Sign up, give your friend your email and password and you’re ready to go.

It’s an interesting approach. Does it work? Yes, absolutely. It’s a bit like how your friend would go up to a girl at school and go ‘my friend likes you.’ There’s something very effective about finding hookups via other people, and Wingman proves it. Your friend just has to pass on your phone number and eventually, you and your chosen date will make contact.

Although the user base on Wingman is still on the low side, it’s slowly picking up steam. It’s not the fastest way to hookup, but you’ll no doubt find success on here eventually. You’ll just need to pray that your friends have good taste, otherwise you could end up with a very awkard hookup.


Pure works like Tinder but with an added bit of flavor.

It uses the much-loved swiping system to match singles together, but once you’ve matched, members only have one hour to send a message. It’s an unforgiving system for sure, because if you don’t message within the hour then you’re out of luck. You need to take the over to text or email if you want to carry on chatting.

However, Pure incentivizes people to message each other straight away, and judging by how many women use the app, the process definitely works. It’s a clever way to avoid the classic inbox rot which has become synonymous with Tinder and other swipe-based hookup sites.

Is Pure a place to find easy local hookups? Yes, without a doubt. Man, woman, trans, whatever. Pure is an excellent dating service providing you only hit the submit button when you have an hour free to get chatting. Otherwise you’re going to miss out on a lot of local hookups.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a place for singles and not-so-singles to meet up and do their thing. The website caters towards men and women looking for affairs.

If you’re looking to cheat, Ashley Madison is the number one place to go. For all the controversy it’s created over the years, it’s still mega popular amongst sneaky man and women the world over. It works like any other local hookup site with not much out of the norm. Users are free to browse freely to find people who take their fancy and message them without any matchmaking malarky.

However, while women get in for free, you’re not so lucky if you’re a man. Guys need to pay for account updates or a premium membership in order to get the most of it. Profiles can be set to anonymous in case you’re not single and you’re worried about your woman busting you. You can also password-protect your profile so only certain women can access it.

While the site is mostly used to find affairs, there are quite a few single women on here too. Some women just can’t resist a married man, so Ashley Madison makes the perfect hunting ground for them. Since AM is such a popular hotspot, there’s a desktop version of the website available if you’re worried about your wife finding your phone.


Another oldie but goodie. Yes, is still a thing.

Match has a reputation of being a place for more mature men and women to meet other singles. And yes, that’s certainly true. The average user age on Match is 37, so if you’re single and on the older side, you’ll fit right in here.

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Additionally, a lot of people think that Match is only frequented by women looking for love. That’s not true at all. There are plenty of single girls looking for casual sex on here. No, Match isn’t a hookup site, but it can still be used to get find a local lay on the quick.

With how many single guys and girls are registered on Match, you’d be a fool to miss out on this local hookup treasure trove. Regardless of age, sex or location, you’ll have little problems meeting girls on here. Once again, ladies get to use Match for free, but gents wil have to shell out in order to make the most of the site.

In addition to being on the app store, Match also has a desktop version.


Feeld used to be called ‘3nder’ and it was an app to find threesomes. However, it didn’t really take off as a dating website so the people behind it opted for a rebrand.

Enter Feeld, a place for kinky guys to meet kinky girls. Fetish apps are nothing new, but Feeld is certainly kicking up a storm in the online dating game. On here you’ll find folks into BDSM, humiliation, role play, swinging and pretty much any deplorable act you can think of.

As you browse the women on here, you’ll see that all of their sexual perversions are listed beside their pictures, sort of like a fetish menu. If you see something that takes your fancy, send that person a message and see where things go.

Likewise, you’ll have to do the same too, so if you’re shy about your sexual interests then you might want to go elsewhere. However, you’ll certainly run into some sexually-charged, sex-positive girls on here, and one can only imagine what they’re like behind closed doors.

Fetish-minded folk take their security seriously, so Feeld regularly goes down for account updates and it will prompt you to change your password regularly. There’s no website version, it’s app-only, so you can’t use it on desktop.


Got some spare cash? Want to show a woman a life of luxury? Then Seeking is the hookup site for you.

Being a guy on Seeking is like being an attractive woman on Tinder. You will be inundated with attention right from the word go. Why? Because these girls are looking for someone to spoil them. Seeking is a place for sugar daddies to meet young girls who don’t want to get a job and instead want to live off someone else’s money.

What’s in it for the man? Well, while these girls might not have much going on upstairs, they definitely look the part of a trophy wife. 99% of the women on Seeking are gorgeous, model-looking babes who wouldn’t look out of place in the Playboy Mansion. Hell, some of them are actually models.

Without wanting to generalize, you’ll actually find every type of woman on here. Young, old, black, white, MILF, teen. Chances of finding a local hookup are actually very high too, since these ladies will be eager to impress.


Any social media site can be used to find local hookups. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat are all good candidates, but few social medias double as a dating website as well as Kik.

Kik is essentially a forum and chatroom website. It has rooms dedicated to every subject you can think of, including hookups and ones broken down by geographical area. This means you have two options: search for rooms relating to hookups, or search for rooms which cater to your local area.

Once you’ve chosen, it’s simply a matter of hitting up any free women you find and giving it your best shot. Nothing fancy here. No matchmaking or any bullshit like that.

The most effective rooms to find hookups are the sex-related ones which are password-protected. These are usually active, verified chats with people who are actively looking for sex. No fantasists or fakers.

As far as apps go, Kik should definitely be installed on your phone. It’s also available on desktop too.